Miami’s Best Kept Secret: Hiro’s Yakko San

Coming to Miami, there is a deluge of information about overpriced, highly overrated restaurants on South Beach. I won’t name names, to be fair, however it is ridiculous the hype that some of these establishments receive, and then the service is beyond unattentive – sometimes even downright rude. And why would you want to pay $100+ per person to be ignored?

I’ve lived in Miami for a while now and feel like I’m finally learning my way around the dining scene here. One of my favorite discoveries, which I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to share it with the world, is Hiro’s Yakko San in North Miami Beach. You come up to this unassuming little restaurant, walk in and are suddenly transported straight to Japan. And the most exciting part about it is – despite its hype with the locals here, they still consistently deliver amazing quality food with friendly, courteous service. Even Anthony Bourdain says it’s one of his favorite places here in Miami, and I heard that live, in person, straight out of his mouth while he was here on a book tour last year.

One of the best commendations this place gets is that it is the most popular late-night hangout spot for sushi chefs, once they get off their shifts. You know a restaurant has good food when other chefs of the same cuisine frequent it.

Menu Favorites:

Crispy Bok Choy

Hamachi Kama (Fish Cheek)

Maze Soba

Yakiniku (BBQ Steak)

Kimchee Ramen

Prices range from $5.00-20.00 per plate, and are served tapas-style. With drinks the average dinner is $35.00 per person.


Hiro’s Yakko-San

3881 NE 163 st
North Miami Beach, Fl-33160


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