Exotic Discoveries first began as a small travel agency in 2007 by owner Ashley Morgan. Ashley grew up in the travel and hospitality business, her father a restaurateur of multiple establishments and her grandmother the owner of a travel agency. Ashley’s personal passion for travel and writing branched off her career into the travel journalism industry, writing freelance for several online publications.

In early 2010, sadly Exotic Discoveries Travel Agency closed its doors to allow owner, Ashley Morgan, to endeavor into additional journalism opportunities. . In early 2011, new opportunities for the Exotic Discoveries name were in the planning stages. With several different directions in mind, the plans were put on hold until further market testing could be established.

Now, in May 2011, Exotic Discoveries is opening its doors for the second time. Ashley endeavors to change the feel of a traditional agency, still offering the world-class service that Exotic Discoveries has always been known for, however adding a more personal touch to her travel planning repertoire.

The idea is this:

Exotic Discoveries delivers personalized vacation crafting, with its renowned service-oriented business model, catering to travelers who are looking for more than the average vacation. As always, these travel design services come to you at absolutely no cost. We will never charge any hidden fees for our services and we vow to always provide you with the highest quality vacation at the lowest possible price.

Please feel free to write us at ExoticDiscoveriesUSA@gmail.com


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